26 Jan 2018
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The scope of this mission, which will take place in Rome and Milan on the 21 and 22 February 2018, is to provide a platform for Zimbabwean Institutions and businesses, from which to present investment and commercial opportunities to Italian businessmen, as well as to understand what may be required to facilitate the successful cooperation between Italian and Zimbabwean businesses.


Italy has the third largest nominal GDP in the Eurozone and the eighth largest in the world.  It is also a founding and leading member of the European Union and the member of numerous international institutions. 

The Italian economy is driven, in large part, by the manufacture of high-quality machinery and consumer goods produced by small and medium-sized enterprises, many of them family owned. Italy is a G7 country and is Europe's second largest manufacturing economy and the seventh largest worldwide.

 Apart from its recognized footprint in the infrastructure industry (construction of  dams, roads and railways), Italy  boasts expertise and cutting edge technology in a variety of other sectors, particularly in agricultural machinery, food processing and packaging.  Italy is the sixth largest importer of agricultural products in the European Union.


The mission will focus primarily on the sectors which present the greatest potential for collaboration, such as agriculture and agricultural mechanization (including horticulture, packaging, food processing and irrigation), infrastructure including transport, water and energy (both traditional and renewable energy) as well as mining equipment.  Its objective is to become acquainted with potential Italian partners in investment and trade and to inform them of the opportunities and challenges that characterize the Zimbabwean economy at this moment in time.


The list of participants will include representatives of Zimbabwean institutions tasked with promoting business with international partners as well as leading entrepreneurs, major financial institutions and other relevant Zimbabwean authorities.

 Participants are required to cover all their own expenses.




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